Gold Medal Books - Mayhem... FOR SALE!

We're a little more subtle with our descriptions of entertainment now than we were in The Fifties. We just call them "action movies" or "adventure novels". We like violence and destruction, but we don't like to say so. Not so in 1956. Observe this ad for "men's interest" novels from publisher Gold Medal Books. We promise you this ad has not been messed with. There really was a book called "Danger for Breakfast".

Incidentally, any image we post that's been altered will have the tag "Photoshop" down at the bottom.

Even more incidentally, the font at the top of the ad is Latin Wide. The body text font used in the ad is Tw Cen. Those, plus Rockwell Bold (not used in this ad) account for maybe 75% of all commercial graphics made in The Fifties and Sixties. If you're faking up some retro graphics intended to look like they're sixty years old or so, those fonts are just about all you need.

Oh yeah. When did we stop saying "Moslem" and start saying "Muslim"?

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Thad Fastburn


When You Take the Wheel - Stopping and Starting on a Downgrade

LaSalle Extension University - Get schooled on your profile picture.

Poor guy. He's from 1959 and doesn't understand that his profile picture on Outlook makes him look dopey and confused. Maybe that's why his paycheck doesn't grow.

Now, you, on the other hand. You understand that a funny Outlook profile picture can be great for laughs. How bout this confused-looking square, for example? You're no stuffed shirt who can't poke fun at yourself. You've got management written all over you. You're welcome!
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