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Up Your Decor - Think Spring, Idiots!

 Hey there, my little decorators! It's your old friend, hero and decorating spirit animal Vorbia, here! Wow! It's been a while hasn't it? I supposed you're all wondering what I've been up to, aren't you? Well, I was just out in Arizona, taking a 23-week course in reiki crystal massage! Exotic huh? It's sooooo relaxing and zen, you know? And besides, those crystals aren't going to massage themselves!

But enough of that! It's almost fall or something, friends! And you know what that means! That's right! It's time to THINK SPRING!

THINK SPRING OR I WILL KILL YOU! Okay! Let's get this party started!

WoooOOOooo! There we go! This breakfast nook has got spring up the ying yang! I'll bet your ying yang
has some room for some spring up it! Start with a nice multigreen-swirl five-inch shag rug, for easy-to-clean simplicity! Then go out and find some lime green chairs for a nice pop of color. If your local chair dealer doesn't seem to have that color, punch them! Then, finish it all off with a this gorgeous wallpaper in a green Junglegasm pattern!

Wow! This basement has barely any spring at all going on! I'm looking at the wall, but I don't see any pattern or color. My brain doesn't know how to process such input! Good thing the tile has a nice, happy six-color random assortment, for a pop of color! And don't overlook the arts on the walls! Let's go in for a closer look an those arts!
Wow! That's Yi Ling Smithberg's famous print The Tethered Emperor with Outhouse! A real collector's item, for the knowing eye!
And this is Grunella Flangemint's penultimate masterwork Lonely Triangle at Sunset! Someone's investing for the long term!
What's better in spring than dignified, simple, black and white? Nothing! That's what! This classically restrained anteroom features a wallpapered floor by Franceau Witherings and carpeted wallpaper by Wi Messe!
This lucky lady not only has an apple that matches her floor, she has a kitchen that matches her dress! Tres envie! You can bet that when you step into this dynamic and functional foodspace, your eyes won't know where to look next! Pity the floor doesn't match the rest of the ensemble, though! That's what I call a missed design opportunity! But that's what summer is for! Start planning YOUR kitchen floor wallpaper refresh today! DO IT NOW!


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