Johnson Wax Rondelle - That's it? Wax?

Waxy entertainment for everyone! The World's Fair brings out the best in absurd corporate pride. Johnson Wax built this gorgeous futuristic temple dedicated to wax.

 Now, coming up with plausible displays of futuristic wax technology suitable for the World's Fair would tax the imagination. You or I may think so, because our minds are standard-issue units. The sorcerers behind the world's number one brand of wax have giant throbbing brains, perhaps with little lightning bolts coming out of them. They can easily think of FIVE things to tell the world about wax. THING#1 A movie about how nice it is to live. THING#2 Talk to people who speak a different language, so long as the language is spoken in one of Johnson Wax's markets. THING#3 Get home cleaning tips from a guy behind a screen pretending to be a computer. Presumably, the answer to all questions will be "wax". THING#4 A vending machine. THING#5 Free shoe shines, provided your shoes are made from leather, vinyl, or wax. WORLD'S FAIR COMPLETE.

Yeah, but look how cool that building is. Approaching the structure would give one visions of an elven temple or a fortress of some kind, possibly of solitude. I have to believe that upon entering, you'd go "Wax? Really?", feeling a little let down. Then  a giant unseen voice would reply over the P.A. system: "YES! WAX! THE DOORS ARE SEALED. THERE IS NO ESCAPE...UNTIL YOU HAVE FINISHED LEARNING HOW NICE IT IS TO LIVE, FROM OUR MOVIE... IN COLOR!"

Who was that villain guy on Superfriends? Manta? The Golden Rondelle kind of looks like his head. I don't know why people are capable of building such great stuff temporarily, but lack the courage to make a bank or a city hall shaped like this. The World's Fair seems to bring out the exciting fun ideas, only to have them rolled up and hidden away for the next World's Fair.


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