Artcraft Stockings - Sitting in the Dark is Elegant.

"Hi, Mom, It's me... Hm? Oh, nothing, just bored. A fuse blew, and since it's 1946, and I'm a woman, I can't do anything about it. So, I just thought I'd give you a phone call in the dark.
Pardon? Yes, I'm still dating the giant cowboy. Hm? No, actually, he's gotten a little bigger since then. Now he's thirty-THREE feet tall.  He gave me his bandanna, so I guess it's pretty serious, huh? I made a skirt out of it. Romantic, huh? No, of course I washed it first, because I'm so elegant. Also I have these stockings that make me even more elegant. I dunno, 'art' something. Oh well. I better go;  this dark isn't going to sit in itself, ha ha. I will. Love you too, Mom. Bye bye."


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