Munsingwear - Pants Optional

Being an ad man must have been tough in 1955. Show the product to have a transformative effect on people's lives. Insult the intelligance of every possible customer. Make time for a weekly re-trepanning  procedure. Create a baffling tableau in every ad that defies common sense.
"'Munsingwear's new line of t-shirts really holds their shape.' Seems simple enough, gentlemen. We could go the "sex appeal" route: Show a man getting appreciative glances from pretty ladies, implying that their attention is due entirely to the snappy condition of his undershirt. Make 'em think that if they buy our undershirts, they'll get laid by women who are really turned on by a tight neckline."

"How bout if we do the exaggerative humor thing, sir?  We could have a young man inheriting his father's only munsingwear t-shirt. The joke being that the shirt will outlast the owner!"

"Nah, too morbid. How bout this? show a man in his underwear, staring off into space. He's well-groomed and happy. Maybe drunk even? he could look a little like Fred MacMurray, too!"

"What? What the hell's that supposed to prove to the customer? I say we have him holding a golf club. That'll make it look like he has the income and free time necessary to play golf in his underwear... the dream of every man. Whattya think, guys?"

"I think it's lunch time. Let's get out of here."


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