V-8: Stare into my can.....

Joke #1: Suzy knew that Timmy was right for the "club". He had no real friends, he loathed cooked meat, and he could not bear the touch of sunlight. One more rite of passage and he would be ready. She only needed to give him his first delicious, taste of salty, savory human blood.

Joke#2: V-8! Now with the goodness of eight blended vegetables, plus methamphetamine!

Joke#3: We've switched Timmy's Folger's Crystals with  Prestone all-season anti-freeze (now available in dex-cool formula). Let's see if he notices the difference!

Joke #4: We've switched Timmy's Prestone all-season anti-freeze with V-8 juice. Let's see if he can tell the difference!

Joke#5: It burned. Golly, it burned! Timmy mustn't make a face or Suzy would see it as a sign of weakness. Just a few more swallows and it would be over. He really wanted to be in the "club"... but V-8 sure was icky!


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