Weller Tools - A great gift for absolutely anyone.

Joke 1: "Give Weller Tools this Christmas. Just look for the Krispy Kreme boxes at your local hardware retailer."

Joke 2: "Weller Tools... Whether you give 'em or get 'em this Christmas, don't make this face or someone will make fun of you in forty years."

Joke 3: "Serving suggestion. Hands not included."

Joke 4: "Severing suggestion. Hands not included."

Joke 5: "TooooOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooools!".

Joke 6: "Merry Christmas, dear. Now please build us a house. I'm tired of living in a green void."

Joke 7: "Weller tools! Oh Trudy! You're the best platonic female friend a choreographer ever had!"


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