Servel Refrigerator - Ice is H.O.T.!

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that the idea of using sex as a sales motivator is super new. We just thought of it a few days ago, in a lab, and the shrink wrap has just come off of it. Brace yourself.... INCORRECT!
Behold! The Servel Electric Refrigerator with Automatic Ice Maker! Who? I know what you mean. I'd never heard of them either. Well, they're still around, it seems, filling that nice market for propane refrigerators. What? I know what you mean. Apparently early fridges were gas powered, and worked via evaporation. Fire heats ammonia which circulates throughout the unit and then evaporates and goes to the bottom for more heating. Weird, huh? That explains why Servel was excited enough about electricity to put a badge in the fridge bragging about it. It's there in the picture, below her boobs.

So yeah, boobs. Look at this ad! Then please make a growling cat sort of noise to yourself, because that's clearly what the designers of this ad had in mind. She's getting ice cubes... for two! She's in her nightie, and wearing makeup. There's only a couple of reasons a woman would be dressed for bed with makeup on. She's not getting ready for a Playboy shoot.  She doesn't look like she's in a photo studio (even though she is). She's in her kitchen, and it's bizness time! And it kind of looks the photographer is the lucky fella. Either that or she's one hell of an actress. Look at those eyes. I guess the implication is that, if you're getting ready to "make the sexy", you don't want to fumble around with ice cube trays.

This ad looks funny because it's part of a two page spread. Here's the other page.
Nothing super funny here... just Junior at the start of a habit that will have him undergoing bariatric surgery when he's thirty. What a lovable little scamp. Stealing cake.

This window AC unit is great. It looks like a drawer. Great job disguising the thing, guys. It looks like a perfectly ordinary window drawer.
 "Nice window drawer, Gordon." "Thanks, Chuck! It makes me feel like I've captured the world and stuck it in my drawer as punishment for being so very naughty." "Uh huh. I gotta go, Gordon!"

It looks like a filing cabinet got caught breaking into their house.

Lastly, the logo is great. It's cool enough to put on a supercar. There's a free font out there that's pretty similar to this, called Dragonwick.


Todd W. White said...

Love the ads!

May I use them on my website?

Todd W. White, Owner & Webmaster
Vintage Servel Refrigerators Website

Phil Are Go! said...

I don't own rights to the ads, so it's fine with me. I only scan them. Just send some traffic my way if you get the chance, okay? Thanks Todd!

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