Fiberglass House - Just be careful not to touch it.

Joke #1 This year, instead of building your own house, why not save money and get "groovy" at the same time by purchasing the former set from The Monkees?

Joke #2 Flesh-eating virus: The only real threat to the house made from flesh!

Joke #3 Bobby had to take a time out by the refrigerator. He should have known better than to misbehave today. Daddy was always like this after he'd had a few furnace filters.

Joke #4 Bobby, you really ought to play nicer with The Hulk. You wouldn't share your train with him and now I have to repair the wall.

Joke #5 "Son, you're almost four now. You're nearly a man. Soon you'll be wondering about girls and things like that. I think it's time I teach you a little about fiberglass."

Joke #6 "Look what I got, son! It's a new furnace filter. Ssssh! Don't tell mommy. It'll be out little secret. Let's hide it here in the fridge where she won't see it. This is going to be the best Valentine's Day ever!"

Joke #7 "Becky, you finished your homework early today. As a little treat, how about if you feed The Giant Cone some fruit and maybe the teapot?"

Joke #8 The least popular tile pattern in history: Giant College Ruled Loose

Joke #9 "Becky, you finished your homework early today, so why don't you pick what we have for dinner? ... as long as it's fiberglass."


Dave Pryor said...

You have to give them credit for those crazy multi-colored pastel kitchen cabinets.

Bowler said...

Okay, I laughed a little bit at the "College Ruled Loose Leaf" tile.

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