Palm Beach Suits - She'll palm ya, all right.

Joke #1: "(Sigh) My wife wants me to tell you that we have an 'open relationship', if you know what she means."

Joke #2: "Barbara, please don't be so obvious. I'm sure he'll come home with us. Just let me get him drunk first."

Joke #3: "Please pardon my wife. She's never cheated on me with a dark-haired man before."

Joke #4: "Please pardon my wife. I used to leave the window open a crack, but she just smeared up the glass with Maybelline."

Joke #5: "You'll have to excuse my wife. We just decided we're swingers, and she's rather more excited about it than I am."

Joke #6: "Excuse me, sir. My wife would like to know if you're done with the Tempo section. She likes to do the Jumble."

Joke #7: "Hiya, Frodo of the Shire... one who has seen the eye!" Frodo, Celeborn, and Galadriel, in a scene from "Oh Lord, Such Rings! - The Musical."

Joke #8: "Dale, I 'd like you to meet my wife, Gina. She'd get out of the car, but I told her the ground is hot lava."


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