Little Ads - You are getting gullible... veeeeerrry gullible.

"Make a statuette from a standing view of your most loathed comic character. Express specific hatred for the screw eye at the top. Be careful when handling enormous comic book, as you may become trapped under it for days."

"Grover Squires says 'My hobby makes me $5 an hour cash profit." Disoriented grandpa says "Whaa? Who are you?'
FYI: $15 monthly payment in 1960 is the equivalent of $107.45 in 2009. Ouch!

Joke #1: "If it fails to work, just hypnotize yourself and tell yourself it worked."
Joke #2: "I am getting veeery sleeeepyyy. When I snap my fingers, I will be totally in my power..."

"Learn meat cutting. Dispose of pesky 'evidence'. Write today for free practice carcass."

"Para-Ven Auto-Blinds, from the makers of the Auto-Jacuzzi, Auto-Tuffet, and Auto-Porch."

"Hits like a rifle- kills rabbits, squirrels, other harmless creatures. Send $1.50 to Wham-O Mfg. Co., lovable scamp division, Box B8, Pasadena, California.


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