Kooking Kornir 3

 Create your own party time ecological disaster with a sperm whale core sample and starfish pinwheels! The best whale meat is extracted from a depth of 18 inches, about three feet behind the base of the skull. Tip: failed government research facility auctions are a great source of inexpensive test drilling equipment! Whale is low in fiber and medium in fat, so it's sure to please the pickiest guests! Garnish with starfish, turtle slaw and olives. For extra color, serve with a saucepan of beige fluid, sprinkled with moths. Their wives will be positively pink with envy!

Trick your guests into eating vegetables by arranging them into the shape of a human face! Get in on the exciting luau/tiki trend with this war god veggie mask, featuring eggs, peas, broccoli, and asparagus mustache. If your guests are "adventurous", tell them the eyes are inedible. They'll be thrilled to find that they're really pressed haddock cylinders! Add some ketchup for dipping, and "viva la border!"

Celebrate the jet age by showing off your gelatinous food skills. Everything's better when it vibrates! Our futuristic whipped ham tower dominates a raised dish, encircled by olives, radish roundels and prostrate baby corns. Proceeding downfield, you'll witness thousand island soup and carrot noodle sauce, flanked by three lobster aspics. Not to be forgotten is our throat-watering tomato gelatin with chicken breasts in suspension. Marshmallow fluff on top and shrimp toes around the edges bring this mission to a close with spacey style! Houston, we have an appetite!


Anonymous said...

Love the Kooking Kornir :)

Phil Are Go! said...

Thanks, Anon! The Go! kitchens are always combing time's delta streams for obsolete mouth-insertions for your continued nutrition. Your kind support enhances our combing action!

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