AC Oil Filters - Equal opportunity employer.

Here's a full-page ad for AC oil filters featuring a beautiful painting which shows how much oil flows through your oil filter. "A bargeload of oil" every 5000 miles. Trouble is, I doubt this statistic had much impact on the average driver. That's as may be, but look at those darling differently-abled mascots!

Awwww, they can hardly hold their heads up, they're so semi-concussed! Look at those vacant eyes and those lolling tongues! It's all I can do to keep from putting them out of their adorable misery.

It's hard to guess why the AC division of General Motors would choose basset hounds as their spokesbeasts for oil filters. Even at their best, basset hounds look really dopey and out of it. These three look like they're coming down off a three-day morphine-and-tilt-a-whirl bender. They look sad and mournful, as if they personally knew the dinosaurs that time has liquefied and will soon be squozen through the pores of the very filters they now promote. It seems GM was simply doing them a favor.

Whether they're are suffering from head injuries or chemical addiction, it's heartwarming to see General Motors helping these disadvantaged cartoon animals find work. How many jobs can there be for imaginary basset hounds with Ozzy Osbourne levels of confusion and helplessness? Thank you, GM, for making a difference.


Dan said...

squozen - excellent!

Phil said...

Window lickers.
Also, did you notice the ad for 'Wide Wide World'? I wonder what the connection is... hmm.

Phil Are Go! said...

Hope fully its a show where you can watch these majestic animals frolicking in the wild (where "frolicking" = "drooling".)

Thanks for reading, guys!


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