Cadbury Chocolate - Gimme.

Time is short this morning, so today's post is a joke-free quickie. I have jury duty today. Gotta go fight crime the American way. At best, I'll sit around for eight hours and be sent home. At worst, I'll be trying to think objectively about a petty crime in a room of eleven mouth-breathing troglodytes .

Its a Cadbury's milk chocolate ad from the English magazine, Picture Post (1951). One would be able to tell from context that it's an English magazine by the use of the word "biscuits". That's what they call cookies over there. So what's a biscuit then? A scone, unless I'm misinformed. What's a cracker? A crisp. Any English readers are welcome to correct me if I'm wrong, or to just call me a bloody loudmouth Yank.

Its a Hand-painted ad, and gorgeous because of it. There's some excellent work here, especially in the foil wrapper and chocolate's sheen. Enjoy.

P.S. I've noticed that in yore, the manufacturer was more often presented in the possessive. "Cadbury's chocolate". "Lipton's soup". I have no theory. Only an observation.

Back to normal tomorrow with more jokes. Thanks for reading, everybody!


Craig said...

Phil's away on assignment (read: passed out in the bus station men's room...again), so here's Craig with your jokes for the day:

Joke #1: Cadbury's Chocolate: So good it singlehandedly explains our nation's horrendous state of dental fitness.

Joke #2: If you like our biscuits, wait 'til you try our chocolate hot dogs.

Joke #3: Doodie!

Joke #4: Cadubury's Biscuits, now with more UBPF*! (*Universal British Pink Fluff - all of the candies in Britain seem to have this pink goo inside that looks like it was developed by Owens-Corning).

Phil Are Go! said...

Thanks for filling in, Craig! You must be angling for a slice of my salary: none dollars and empty cents. Well, you can't have it! You'll have to make your jokes for free!

Phil said...

Thanks for revealing the man behind the naugahyde curtain, Craig. 'Jury duty', indeed. When I stepped past the hibernating hobo at the Grayhound terminal yesterday, I thought, "Tsk, tsk... that poor man looks like 'Phil' of 'Phil-Are-Go' fame. Poor, poor him."
Now, having wiped my hands on his beard, to learn that it WAS Phil... this topsy world seems a little less turvy.

Phil Are Go! said...

Fool. I was the one with snot running down my nose. Greasy fingers smearing shabby cloo-hooothes! You should have said "Hey, Aquaphil!"

Phil said...

'cloo-hooothes!' That is GOLD! I am so glad I found your blog. :]

Phil Are Go! said...

Hah! Thanks for spotting the reference! It's not every day you meet a Phil that has a love for the old Tull. Here's some weirdness for you, Phil. Yesterday I was in a Walgreen's near my girlfriend's house and I heard "Life's a Long Song" playing over the store's audio system. Fortunately, the pharmacy was well stocked with smelling salts, so I could revive myself after fainting from shock. I don't think I've ever heard that song anywhere but on my own stereo. I think the first release of that song was on the 1988 "20 Years of Jethro Tull" boxed set.

Phil said...

I spent the day researching and found this video from 1971. Is that Barry Gibbs doppelganger at the 1:41 mark?
Back to your fainting spell- Whats next... something from 'Broadsword and the Beast' being played in my local CVS? I feel a serious case of the vapors coming over me.
I appreciate your tale, Phil. It gave me a good chuckle. By the way, did your girl get the obscurity of the song?

shi zhan said...

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Steve Miller said...

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PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

It is my fervent hope that Shi Zhan comments on every post from now until the end of time. Please come back every day, Shi Zhan!


fizzy said...

Don't really have anything to add here, except that my name is actually also Phil, making this the first comment page I have ever seen with the power of three Phils.

Boo Long said...

Cadbury's lost the final 's' in British advertising in the 1990s.. I suppose an attempt at modernisation by americanisation? Everyone still calls it cadbury's, even those too young to remember, and I'm sure most of us over 40 still cringe slightly hearing "Cadbury dairy Milk" on a TV ad..
Our teeth are normal natural human teeth by the way.. The Americans' view of them as poorly maintained is a misunderstanding of our lack of orthodontic obsession.
What else while I'm here? Crisps are what you call chips. Chips are what you call fries... Biscuits are what you call cookies... As far as I know scones are what you fall scones.
Cheers. Great blog by the way. Some fascinating adverts and sharp observations and wit.

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