Little Ads - Dork-it yourself.

Joke #1 - Why build your own mower? Because cutting your foot off is more satisfying when you built the machine yourself.

Joke #2 - I think they meant to say "Kansas City 3, Mow." Huh huh huh.

Joke #1 - Build a SPEEDFLASH. Clearly illuminates the groin of almost any woman.

Joke #2 - "Oops! I did not mean to jump into the air and do a split-kick, but I did it anyway! I hope your speedflash was not functioning properly. I am so naughty.

Joke #3 - Oops! I did not mean to have any clothes on when I jumped into the air and did a split-kick. Can I have my check anyway? I am so naughty.

Joke #1 - "Thanks! Bye bye daddy! I'm off to be a lesbian!

Joke #2 - I think sitting on an Indian motorcycle while making the "how" sign should be grounds for being run over with said motorcycle.

Joke #3 - "No. No need to thank me. It's all in a day's work for Indian motorcycles, and Ban roll-on!"

Joke #1 - New non-electric door knocker no longer need be attached to woman's face. Can simply be affixed to door. Ivory-colored chime box.

Joke #2 - Tired of shouting when you require your woman? New knocker can be fitted to the door of her storage nook.

Joke #3 - (knock knock knock) "I'm comiiinnng. I'm several inches from the door. I'll be there in a minute!" (knock knock knock) "Just a moment! I'm still a few inches away!"

Joke #4 - Science and mechanics exclusive! We test if "females" respond to auditory stimulus. Also in this issue: how to sand and refinish your female like new!

Joke #5 -  For Rent: Efficiency apartment, lower Manhattan. 0 br, 0 bath, utilities incl. $3500 / mo. Dogs, cats ok."


Anonymous said...

A-mazing, especially the door knocker jokes!

Phil said...

Mary stared blankly as the floating hand presented her with the worlds tiniest bassoon.

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