Little Ads - Get a job (with the help of some other magazine)!

Joke #1 - "At last! New exciting method allows YOU to let your postman know you're a creepy weirdo without knives or tedious leering!"

Joke #2 - "Own many stamps, but don't know how to begin collecting them? You're in luck."

Joke #3 - "This special offer may have to be withdrawn soon, due to War Crimes Tribunal, so rush coupon with 10 cents to..."

Joke #4 - "Free! 10 Hitler stamps means 10 chances to sever all remaining ties with friends and family. Write today!"

So, after doing a sample drawing, the school determines if you can draw or not, and then chooses to train you to draw? I think I'll open a pilot school. "Take our free test flight. If you survive, you're a pilot!"

"Thrilling work coloring photos. Exciting new career mangling dramatic black and white pictures with juvenile application of paint. Be the pariah of your community! Rewarding job ruining the work of others! Visually illiterate? Write today!" Also offered... "Cake Urinater", "Plot Giver-Awayer", and "TV Blocker".

"Learn tattooing at home. Prepare in spare time. Send for details and free 'practice leg' ".

"Study to be a doctor of  metaphysics. Obtain a degree in made-up B.S. Be an accredited practitioner of the art of incense burning and wearing fruity robes. Be the envy of flakes and the unemployable."

This must be Betty Boop's "differently abled" sister, Eunice Boop. I had heard that the Boops had some trouble with lead poisoning and fertility medications. Those poor Boops.


Phil said...

I voted for fat Hitler.

Phil Are Go! said...

Wish I thought of that joke. The day is yours, my wacky replicant! Thanks for reading!

Phil said...

I find out at 11:53 p.m. that the day is mine. It will take me at least 15 minutes to decide what I want to do with it!

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