Westinghouse Roll-Out Washwell - Dish bin.

Sorry for the gap in posts. My brother selfishly chose to get married this weekend, ignoring the needs of the blog  completely. The P.A.G. staffers responsible for filling in for me have been sacked and made fun of. We are now reviewing applications for new backup snarky jerks, to prevent any further gaps in wiseass remarks about old pictures.

I sometimes wonder why more freezers and dishwashers aren't bin-shaped, like this Westinghouse Roll-Out Washwell dishwasher.

In the case of freezers, it would retain cold air much better, since cold air is heavier than warm air. Pulling out your freezer "drawer" wouldn't drop the temperature of the freezer by twenty degrees, like it does with a door on the front, which dumps it's cold air all over your feet when you go in for an ice cube. For dishwashers, it'd be much easier to seal against water leakage, I would think. The evidence is clear that they've pretty much got the door-type dishwashers figured out. I've never had one that dribbles water around the door seal, and that amazes me. Sometimes engineers figure things out without any help from me. The audacity.

Americans, despite their claims of loving freedom and, and creativity, are terrified of any new idea, and habitually retreat from any true innovation, to hide behind convention, where they can then continue professing their deep love of innovation from a position of safety. This dishwasher looks too much like a trash bin, and as such, would not sell well among open-minded Americans. Did it do well in 1950? Who knows? But, you don't see many designs like this any more, and sealing a huge door on the front of the machine is way harder than a simple bin shape with a sealed lid. There's got to be some reason we do things the hard way.

That kid's pretty funny, poking the waste disposal to see if it's hot or something. Time to make fun of him.
Joke #1 - "Well, lady, I'm not sure what's causing your problem. The motor's still good. the seals haven't failed, and the wiring checks out. Whatever the trouble is, I think it's something to do with girls, which are icky. Three hundred seventy five dollars, please."

Joke #2 - "Hooray! Daddy says I'm just like him now! It didn't hurt, and I got to have ice cream! My 'fore-skin' is in there."

Joke #3 - When he misbehaved, Timmy was placed in the cabinet under the sink, where he listened to his friend, the disposal, grumbling away about nice things like revenge..."

Joke #4 - "When I grow up, I want to be a Westinghouse Waste-Away Food Waste Disposer. Daddy says I'm going to be a choreographer if it kills me. Mommy wants a divorce."

Joke #5, from Sue! - Little Johnny spent the evening looking for the peas he saw Daddy shove in the disposal. If he could only find the goods on the old man....


Sue said...

Little Johnny spent the evening looking for the peas he saw Daddy shove in the disposal. If he could only find the goods on the old man....

Phil Are Go! said...

What I need to do: Add commenter jokes to the body of the post. Ding! My wish is granted by me! Thanks for commenting, Sue!

Craig said...

So the reason you don't have a drawer dishwasher is:

A) you'd have to fill a rack, then put a rack on top of it, then fill that

B) you'd have to bend over into the drawer to get the dishes out of the bottom, thereby risking being shoved into the dishwasher and washed to death.

PS: I want a guest joke, too!

Joke #6: Now turn your head and cough.

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