Wall of Meters - Troy and Vance.

Joke#1 -"Troy, I've been thinking. I know it's not what we agreed upon when we moved in together, but I must follow my heart. I think this wall over here should remain free of meters. I'd like to put up some gauges instead."

Joke #2 - "God-DAMMIT, Troy, would you stop relaxing at me!?"

Joke #3 - "Gosh, science is boring. Tell you what, Troy. I'll go through this door and wait on the other side of the wall, and you put whateeeeeeever you want through one of these holes  and I'll try and guess what it is with my eyes closed, okay?."

Joke #4 - "Well, maintenance was here this weekend, and our request came through. To break up the tension of monitoring the Neutrino Detection Array, they've installed these Erotic Insertion Apertures in this previously unused wall here. I guess we didn't need so many, but things can get pretty crazy down here in Neutrino Detection, right?"

Joke #5 - A peek inside Milton Bradley's skunkworks during the development phase of the challenging new play-anywhere game, "Tic tac toe toe toe toe toe toe toe toe toe toe toe toe toe toe toe toe toe toe".

Joke #6 - "Come over here... Tiger. Err, I mean, uuh, Panthera Tigris."

Joke #7 - "Sooo, Troy. How was your weekly recreational period? Carefully measured, I hope."

Joke #8 - "Vance, I hope that odd projection halfway down your thigh is what I think it is."

Joke #9 - "The tension was unbearable. Nano-scale practical jokes could be subtle but humiliating. Neither researcher wanted to be the first to try out the new chair."

Joke #10 - "Well, Vance, how does it feel to be part of the first team to mathematically quantify the personality disorders of Mel Gibson?"

Joke #11 - Thank god you're here, Troy. I didn't know who else to call. About five hours ago, there I was, just sitting there, like usual, and one of the meters over there MOVED a little bit! I mean, it could have been just a slight voltage dip or something, but I think we should launch the missiles."

Joke #12 - Ah, Troy. You're here. I knew exactly when you'd arrive. Believe it or not, I've been monitoring your progress."

Joke #13 - "Mmmmmm. Meter number 104 indicates that you look goooood today, Vance."

Joke #14 - "You know Vance, life isn't all clip boards and gauges. Why don't you pull up a slice of table? Let's wrap."


Craig said...

Pipe and cigarette visible, and I bet $50 there's a half-gallon of Old Crow and a prostitute somewhere on the premises.

Phil Are Go! said...

Good observation. They're both smoking. Maybe the various wall apparatus are part of the complicated air-scrubbing system put in place so the smokers' rights wouldn't be infringed by forcing them to slip in puddles of vomit created by the other scientists who have to smell their smokes all day?

Thanks for your continued commentation, Craig!

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