Institute of Applied Science - Be a scallowag catcher.

Attention, citizens! Are you tired of having your valuables burgled from your very person in broad-daylight? Are your jewels and victuals being stolen from your premises while you are away? YOU can become a Finger Print Expert at your home, in your spare-time, and put an end to these distasteful treatments!

Observe the picture of Operator 38, a metropolitan solver of mysteries and catcher of miscreants! Imagine the thrilling, mysterious life you could lead, after acquiring your training of a similar nature!

The Institute of Applied Science will train you to be a Finger Print Expert of Identification. Your confidential reports will be used to apprehend Scallowags, Villains, Pilferers, Scoundrels, Cads, Bounders, Ruffians, and Ne'er-do-wells.

Write for reports and free "Blue Book of Crime". Learn how YOU can frequent alleys, docks, public houses and neighborhoods of ill repute. Learn the arts of skulking, sneaking, peering, as well as the defensive science of pugilism!
Kit includes cane and mustache. Free cuff links!


Sue said...

That guy's flipping us off!

Phil Are Go! said...

If he's flipping you off, then you must have absconded with some crown jewels, perhaps of a Dowager Empress from the Orient. For shame, Susan.

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