1962 Chevy II - Car in funny blue land!

Gronk make second post now for hoo-man joke page. Phil hoo-man say "Me on vacation, Gronk. You make words for blorg". Gronk not know who Blorg is. Gronk make words about picture now! Other hoo-mans make picture go into com-puter for Gronk. So many buttons. Gronk thank Images and Scanning Them Squad.

Look at 1962 Chevy! Cars not look like that now! Car in picture must be from old! Car designed bad. No place to hook horses at front of car. Gronk have to poke hole in bumper with finger to tie horse pulling-rope.

Gronk think funny that Chevy call car a "coupe" just because it just has two doors. Gronk know coupe supposed to be small! Chevy think put two doors on mountain and call it coupe! Graaaah! Gronk make joke on Chevy! Steal Chevy's pride!

Poor hoo-mans in 1961, not have Photo-shop. Car get no drop shadow. Look like floating through blue painting. Gronk like funny blue painted world car drive through. Man say "excuse me, hoo-man lady. Can you tell me where find yellow part of town? Graah hah hah! Gronk steal man pride by making joke about him!

Little man find stranded lady in abstract blue city. Give her a ride. Why she standing there? Lady hoo-man do shopping in blue rectangle? BAH hah hah! "Did lady hoo-man buy many things in rectangle? All triangles on super sale in rectangle town because nobody want triangles in rectangle town?" man say. Maybe lady not shopping. Maybe lady standing around because she concubine? "You first man I find tonight. All other customers just blue or purple shapes. Pointy corners hurt my lady parts! Be gentle, little man!" Gaah hah hah hah! Gronk "zing" hoo-man lady twice! Gronk steal lady pride!

Something funny about lady face. Gronk look closer...
Aaaaaaahh! Lady not have eyes! Just black holes! Gronk not like dead face lady! Giant lips bite hole in Gronk's head! Gronk wish he hadn't stolen lady pride! Too little too late! Gronk go now!


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