Motorola TVs - Each sold separately.

Just in case you thought your Razr flippy phone was the first thing Motorola ever made, make your mind prepare to have itself blown, Dorothy! Waaaaay back in '61, Motorola made this here Malibu Barbie Dream House, which came with little plastic TVs to put in it, apparently.

The library at my university was made with prefabricated concrete pieces like these, except they were the other end up, and they were gray instead of pink. The pink ones came as special parts in the Lego Vacation Villa set. It also had those little Lego flowers that you could use to gay up any building you made... or just let them get flattened by your cool new Mad Max truck you builtIt's nice that the Motorolibu Dream House is designed with such an open, uuh... design, because that allows the ocean (which lives next door) to come sweeping in to wash away your fugly Motorola TVs. Also, your other belongings. Meh.

So many questions...

Why is Ken sitting on the floor like a hobo? The chair is a couple of feet away. Maybe it's made of cardboard, and not folded together really well because dad was still sleepy at that hour on Christmas morning?

Is this one house or a set of condos? If the whole place belongs to Ken and Barbie, are the stairs concealed behind those mysterious curtains? They're probably not curtains at all, but just printed on cardboard. So, it's up to the dolls to grappling hook their way from floor to floor. Pray you don't pop upstairs to make some toast, Ken. You can either eat toast or rappel, but not both.

It kind of looks like the woman surprised him. "Oh! Is this your house I've broken into? Nice window you had there. Very breezy."

"I see you've noticed my bird house. Why thank you, it IS very nice, isn't it? I've been working on it for a few years now. Shall we try laughing together like the couple on my TV now?"

"Shush, Judy. I'm watching my favorite television program, 'A Talking Man'. Lookit him go!" Judy is clearly enchanted with Bill's varied interests.

Look at the TV. Wow, Motorola. Really? This is 1961! You've got a good six to eight years before everyone starts going all colonial spindles and things. Couldn't you  stick with the a nice clean modern design for one more season? No? Fine. Each of those little drawers on the front contained a vacuum tube, which blew out every three minutes. So, it was nice of Motorola to make them easy to reach.


Craig said...

Sadly, production of the Malibu Barbie Dream House by Motorola was halted after the discovery that all of the buyers were exhibitionists and/or chronic masturbators.

Phil Are Go! said...

BAH hah hah! Take THAT, Motobarbie!

Craig said...

It looks like they live in one of those display cases that you used to buy Matchbox cars out of.

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