Little Ads - Purely prurient.

Pay attention to the ads in any magazine or TV show and you'll get a clear picture of who the producers think you are. Once awakened, this sensitivity is usually insulting. You're welcome.
Say, fellows! Use the illustrations in these cartoon booklets to help you imagine what it may be like to hold a woman in your arms! Get used to imagining it.

I'm not sure why he's sitting on a keg of black powder, but I think I'm okay with guys like this being exploded.

In 1945, Nazi Germany was breeding a race of indestructible super-indians which , had the war gone on a little longer, may have turned the tide of battle. Now, we can't GIVE these things away. Make us an offer.*
Judging by the skill demonstrated in this drawing, I'm unconvinced that the publishers understand how I like my illustrations.

It's good to see customers of one ad feeding the need of customers for a different ad. But, apart from this drawing, I don't get that "this guy used a live model as reference" feeling when I look at them.

*The swastika emblem is much older than Nazi Germany, and had many non-sinister meanings before World War II. However, once Hitler came along and stunk up the joint, it ruined the bendy cross for everyone.


Craig said...

No cartoonist ever looked like George Clooney there in the last drawing.

If Angus Young looked like Cary Grant he never would've started hacking away on the guitar.

Phil Are Go! said...

Hmm. Kinda true.



Wups!. Old Sparky was a dashing chap in his day.

Craig said...

Yeah, but Sparky was a whack job. I don't think any cartoonist in history had more emotional baggage than that guy did. Whew.

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