Personal Antenna - Loud and clear.

Joke #1 - ...then, Agent Yantzey had to check the hotel room for bugs. You never know who could be listening. There was something very suspicious about that lamp...

Joke#2 - In an attempt to stem the flow of customers moving to the new Verizon iPhone, this week AT&T is expected to announce the release of this signal booster accessory for all customers who purchased an iPhone in the last twelve months, free of charge. The press release claims the device reduces dropped calls by eight percent. However, the benefit drops to four percent if you hold it wrong.

Joke #3 - First successful test of the microwave "Man Detector", 1958.

Joke #4 - Annoyed by isolated pockets of resistance to the force of her will, Oprah Winfrey announced today the installation of these "Empowerment Umbrellas" in the homes of every American woman between the ages of thirty five and eighty. The psionic amplification dishes are intended to "allow Oprah a little 'me-time' in your brain".

Joke #5 -The solar powered Top Ramen Cup-O-Noodles heater lets busy people enjoy a hot, economical lunch "in about several hours".


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