Alternative Education 1969 - The kids are all right.

Joke #1 - "Siiiiigh. Yes Randy, we all see your butt."

Joke #2 - It was only day three of the new "free-form curriculum" and already the girls were rehearsing "Minuet in E Major: Danse of the Naughty Dionysos for Woodwinds and Underpants". The board was going to have a field day with this.

Joke #3 - The teacher had stepped out for a bathroom break, and in just three minutes the boys had begun to live like apes, and the girls had set up a barter system of opera and lip gloss.

Joke #4 - A rare glimpse inside the David Lee Roth Academy of Music and Snugly-Fitting Trousers.

Joke #5. [Craig checks in with a wish-I'd-though-of-it zinger.] No Child's Behind Left


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No Child's Behind Left

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