Keio Plaza Inter-Continental Hotel - Enjoy your stay, Mr. Bond / Lee

Because I'm an ignorant American who only knows the world through the lens of the entertainment industry, when I look at this postcard, it look like either a scene from a Bond movie or a Bruce Lee movie. And because I like Bruce Lee movies and Bond movies, I'm okay with that.

The Keio Plaza Inter-Continental Hotel. How many yowling kung-fu battles must have taken place in that lobby? How many creative deaths occurred in the hotel spa at the hands of a cheeky MI-6 agent? I know: none. But those things should have happened, and they would have been great.

Aah, but there does seem to be some skullduggery afoot. Look at the couple in the forground. It seems that a young Debra Jo Rupp and her half-Japanese companion are sneaking out of the hotel with a set of curtains cleverly made into a suit. Also, they've stolen a typewriter. You're fooling no one, Rupp party of two.

In the distance, we see a young toreador on his first trip to the west, hoping to fight those big American bulls he's heard about back in his home town of Salamanca. Too bad he wound up in Tokyo.

So is the Keio Plaza Inter-Continental Hotel still there? Sure thing! At least, their website seems convinced the hotel exists. It looks like they've redone the lobby in the last forty years, though. I wonder if they want their post card back. They can ask really nicely if it's that important to them.

Just for good measure, here's the location in Google maps, in case you're hoping to pop down there for lunch today.

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