Kooking Kornir - Breakfast bounty!

Today, Kooking Kornir will tackle the hardest meal of the morning: Breakfast! If you're like me, you can't send your family out the door with just a turkey leg to eat. You want to provide the best for your loved ones, and that's why you need to present a balanced, heavy feast, featuring all eight food groups to start out the day right! Wake up mister sun! We mean breakfast business!

First, whet their appetites with a cup of chocolate frosting (upper right). To balance the flavor, add a dollop of butter cream frosting as a garnish and you've already covered the dairy group!

Next, have you ever noticed that butter can be shapes? That's right! To make our patented butter balls, you'll need some butter and a butter baller. Use the baller to ball your butter and you're done! Mmm-mm dairy-licious! See? That's the other dairy group covered!

Jelly is best when spooned, so spoon some into your scalloped serving dish and watch their eyes light up! For a flavor-tastic idea, roll the butter balls in the jelly pool for a fruity delight! Your kids will love the "Mekong Delta", as we like to call this morning treat. Fruit group, you've been eaten!

Sure, croissants are good, but wrap them around cocktail sausages and you've got "The Bay of Pigs in a " twenty-one bun salute! Your hunger will surrender! Meat and grains group: invaded!

After all that meat, lighten the mood with crocks of oatmeal. The kids can take their time getting to that rich, nourishing oatmeal because you've added a cap of aerosol foam insulation. No need to rush through the glutinous group!

Help your family power through their morning with a belly full of a platter of chicken breast meat. Mr Rooster seems angry! Don't worry, Roostie! It's no one you know! Meat group: met!

Strawberries can be displayed for a little color, or deep fried for nutrition. These have yet to go into the drink, but it only takes a few seconds to fry up some delicious strawberry poppers. They fit in a pocket for easy snacking on the bus. Vegetables group: swallowed!


Craig said...

My mom had cookbooks from the late 1960s that were littered with images like this.

This is like a meal Henry the VIII would eat. I'm lucky I can shove a granola bar in my face in the morning, and that's on a weekend. Did everybody have a cooking staff in their house or what?

Sue said...

Plus, time to assemble the red tissue paper mock peony behind the strawberries!! Plus, the pearls and the cleaning and the kids and dinner! When did they have time for the internet?

Craig said...

No wonder everybody's mom was ripped all the time in the 1960s.

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