Pet Penguin - Sharing the chores.

 Joke #1 - "...and tomorrow night, I'll cook and YOU can do the dishes, sweetie."

Joke #2 - June was irritated. How many times had she asked the boys to scrape their plates before putting them in the sink?

Joke #3 - Great. Another detergent mascot trying to sell her things. June had had it up to here with cleaning the penguin crap / duck crap / teddy bear crap / anthropomorphic hybridized human bars of soap crap out of the sink.

Joke #4 - Just one more dish left. June just had to rinse and dry the gravy boat, then feed the gravy boat some sardines, clean out the gravy boat's cage, and put the gravy boat to bed. French cooking was exhausting, but totally worth it!


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