Antiques Creepshow - Malevolent Molly.

To brighten your weekend, please leave this post up on your monitor: the hateful glare of this bride-of-Chucky type doll will fill you with some kind of emotion... probably the emotion of closing the browser.
This doll was spotted and photographed by our Antique Store Safari Team, with only two members of the expedition being sent for a brief stay in the "nervous hospital" as a result. Considering the pure evil exuded by this doll, losses were expected, and only two downed associates was not as bad a result as we had feared.

The asking price was not visible, but a shred of the buyer's soul would surely figure into the negotiations. Just like Mr. Marbles tortured the mind of Jerry Seinfeld, this little plastic girl is the kind of thing you could expect to find standing on your chest in the middle of the night, having shouted yourself awake from a nightmare. She'd just be staring and staring  into your eyes.

Enjoy the weekend, children.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid.

Phil Are Go! said...

We're all afraid, Non Amos. That's why we all need each other.

PS: Kill all your dolls.


Sue said...

It's got to be time for a new post. First, to be amused and/or enlightened. Second, to get her creepy ass face lower down the page!!

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