Decorating with Tile - Splatterproof ideas.

Tired of that ho-hum kitchen but don't know what to do about it and you're out of ideas but you have access to a car and some money and you own a computer and you're looking at this blog? We've all been there! Time to freshen up your kitchen with tile! Brought to you by the Tile Advisory Board. "Tile! It's what's flat and shiny!"
If you own a tile saw or have incriminating photographs of someone who does, you can add some zazz to your kitchen with artful mosaics depicting the drudgery of women through history.

Remind yourself that you're a woman and you belong right where you are, in food-related servitude. Caring for chickens. Holding baskets. Wearing aprons. It's all part of the rich tapestry of your heritage... unless something funny were to find it's way into the food, and the Man of the House were to meet with a curious end, giving you your freedom. Perish the thought! Just be careful with that fugu, ladies!

Also, be reminded you are Marge Simpson.

If you're like me - and aren't we all? - you're tired of spending months scouring baked-on grease from your ceiling after and ordinary flapjack breakfast. Until now!
You've seen ceiling tiles before. Well, these are tiles you can put on your ceiling! Your guests will never know what to expect from your oven when you keep them guessing with ideas like this!

Beautiful and easy to clean, these acrylic tiles shrug off jam, gravy, compote, and turkeys with "a-plum"... wups! I mean "aplomb"! Ha ha! No more long nights on the scaffolding with a mop for you! Tile your ceiling and make an attractive end of the mess! Also a grand idea for gravity inversion zones!

Also, consider carpeting your windows or for that Salvador Dali flair that's so popular among the "interesting crowd".


Sue said...

I'm going to put my Feminist Card away for a minute and tell you that I would take either of those kitchens SOOO fast (ceiling tiles and all!)

Phil Are Go! said...

Yeah, me too. My kitchen needs work, and kitchens don't grow on trees.

Thanks Sue!

Craig said...

Are you tired of your kitchen ceiling not having the water repellent nature of the locker room shower at the local high school?

Have we got the ceramic, glazed surface for you!

Phil said...

In Soviet Russia, floor goes on ceiling.

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