Kiss and tell. Barb and Vance.

Joke #1 - "Why, yes, that is a crayon in my pocket. But I AM glad to see you... honest!"

Joke #2 - "But I thought that was YOUR hand."

Joke #3 - "This moment is almost perfect, Trent. Oh, Trent, Trent, Trent. Why can't your name be Trent?"

Joke #4 - "There's something you need to understand about me, Barbara. I'm not like the other gir- uuh, BOYS!"

Joke #5 - "There. Can I borrow the car NOW, mom?"

Joke #6 - "this just isn't going to work, Vance. We're from two different worlds. I'm from L.A. and you're from wherever you said. I'm a personal shopper and you're that thing you do. I like retail and you like being together."

Joke #7 comes from Sue. Thanks Sue!"Altoid?" 

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