Pratt & Whitney - A bit waspy.

Here's a graphical idea that somebody had to do sooner or later. A jet engine looks a lot like a wasp, and makes a really memorable image for an ad. "Wasp nest in East Hartford".
This ad ran in the Nov 15th, 1952 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. It sounds weird, to our modern ears of the future, to see an ad for jet engines in a general interest magazine. But, this tells us about the nature of the medium at the time. In 1952, there weren't 800 TV channels,  podcasts, and a thousand struggling magazines dedicated to any activity engaged in by more than two people. The Saturday Evening Post and Life magazine were huge. Everybody in the family  read them. Look through the magazine, and you can find ads for industrial products like caster wheels, electrical motor controls and jet engines, in addition to the normal stuff like deodorant and televisions. It shows us that media was more consolidated then, and not at all fragmented and specialized like it is now.

So anyway, this wasp engine is pretty darn cool. A clever fellow could snip it out of the background and save it on alpha for easy placement in whatever picture he wanted, a clever fellow could. If only one of those types were here. A clever one, I mean. Ah well. We'll just have to make do with this Rude Finger Graphical Gift of a wasp engine snipped out of its background and saved on alpha for easy placement in whatever picture we want. The wings are appropriately translucent at 55% opacity, too. So, you can see through them. Right click with your rude finger and save that PNG to scare your kids with.Left and right. Big and small.You're welcome.


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