Tram Crash - Please enjoy your day.

Joke #1 - "Park patrons holding a D ticket or lower are requested to kindly step into the Carnage Ogling line. Patrons with an E ticket are free to remain in the Corpse Poking line."

Joke #2 - "...and please enjoy the rest of your day at Questionable Maintenance Gardens."

Joke #3 - "Please leave the ride on your hands and knees, favoring any unbroken limbs, exiting towards the gift shop, where you will find a wide selection of reasonably priced release forms featuring your favorite park characters."

Joke #4 - "This concludes the not-getting-injured part of the tour. Please scramble for safety in an orderly fashion."

Joke #5 - Quickly, the tram passengers voted and unanimously agreed to derail the train, rather than hit the workman eating his lunch on the track.

Joke #6 - This section of track was supposed to be out of service. Ron looked up just in time to see the tram barreling toward him. He had no time to get out of the way before being struck by the lead car. Fortunately, he was wearing his hardhat.

Joke #7 - Subsequently, all park trains on elevated tracks were upgraded from monorails to the more expensive "duorails". A park spokesman defended the move, describing the trams as being "less tippy-crashy and passenger-squishy".

Joke #8 - In September of 1968, by calling in favors with union bosses, Goofy was given a cushy job as Supervisor of Park Engineering and Grounds Maintenance. After only two months in the position, he was under investigation for negligence and fraud. Violating his probation, he fled to the Cayman Islands in a cartoon airplane carrying more than $120 in cash and various novelty hats.

Joke #9 from Craig Craigson. Thanks Craig!Tra-la-laa, tra-lalalaaaaAUUUUAUUUHGGHHHH!!!! 

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Tra-la-laa, tra-lalalaaaaAUUUUAUUUHGGHHHH!!!!

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