Trees down. Blogger down.

[P.A.G. internal memorandum follows]

Could someone please get on the horn to Blogger and ask them what the eff? The image uploader is once again stuffed, and as you all know, pictures are the bread and butter of our collective meat and potatoes.

Disclaimers and excuses dept: Please whip up some kind of explanation about Chicago being pounded about the head and shoulders by a furious system of storms that blew down a zillion trees and a few Sears Towerses. Sorry, what's the new corporately auctioned off name for that building? Oh yeah. "Willis Tower". What you talkin bout, Willis tower naming committee? Jagoffs.

Images and Scanning Them Dept: Please have a fresh ridiculous and defenseless old picture ready to go once Google gets it's thumb out of it's backside and remembers how to upload a picture. If the Okidata AdequateScan 620 is down, just grab another one out of Storage Closet F on the fifth floor. The Equipmemnt Aqcuisition Squad found a pallet of them at Montana Charlie's Little America Flea Market and Dysintery Distribution Center over the weekend, so no more excuses for un-scanned pictures. I want no less than three P.A.G. IAST staffers constantly hitting the "upload" button until it works. We've got literally tens of viewers waiting to see what we've got in store. Some of them are depending on us, perhaps!

Today's lunch in the GO! Cafeteria is carefully arranged peas and medium ham quadrants. The vegetarian option is salmon cubes in aspic with napkin.



Craig F. said...

Wordpress is effed up for some reason, too, which you can tell by my blog which I will mercilessly plug like Charlie Callas pitching his one-man show at the Sands on the Merv Griffin show.

That's right, Merv, I'll be at the www.yankeedriver.wordpress.com, Thursday, Friday and two shows Saturday. Two drink minimum.

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