Gronk Make Poem

Now Gronk make poem! Hoo-mans shut up and hear poem! Shut up for art! Two poems today!

Soft and squishy sissy man
get scare from rabbit.
Make him climb tree.
Also jump over fence too,
to get to tree.
So sissy. So jumping.
Small rabbit.

Then see bird in sky.
Orange bird.
Where bird need to fly to?
Bird fly to tell friends sissy man in tree. Fly, bird. Go tell!
Bring bird friends to peck man face.

Man say to self: "Oh streuth I am so very high
from ground, up in a tree.
Nary can I tell or guess
how jumped I, in my distress
a height four feet and three.
And nary may I leap me down
for fear I scuff my bum.
So do I sit,
all scared of it,
this mundane conondrum.

Sissy man sit in tree for two days.
Bird come back with many birds.
Birds come to help? Maybe help?
Birds peck man face.
So bleedy.
Man die. Fall from tree.
Stupid hoo-mans.


Horbut Hambridge make his home in Friffton-Upon-Trent.
He make candy,
give to kids.
From kids to him,
love went.

When he go to see a phisyc
to mend a rheumy eye
a bandage wore he for a month.
To let eye heal, is why!

No candy made he for that month.
And children became angry.
Though he promised to resume when wrappings came off, dangly.

Children cannot wait for things.
They want, and want so hard.
They led him blindly to a well
in Bishop Brimley's yard.
Tipped they him, into that hole
and wailing, did he plummet.
A splash and then some silence.
He couldn't believe they done it.



Sean Michael Ragan said...

Did you once run an ogre by the name of Gronk on an Everquest 2 server called Unrest?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Sorry to disappoint, but I never played a MMORPG until WoW. Even then, I played a Tauren hunter whose name I can't remember, but his scorpion's name was Kevin.

Must be a different Gronk. Maybe another one of the Evanston Gronks?

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