Tareyton Cigarettes - Discriminating dolls.

Cigarette ads are easy to poke fun at. There's no really good reason anyone would need the product. They're lethal and foul-smelling, etc etc. Instead of going after the low-hanging fruit, we're going to take the high road. We're making fun of the woman's face, or, rather, what the artist did to it.
She may have once been a "people". But this is the fifties, and as everyone in the fifties knows, everyone in the fifties is a blue-eyed honky. So, the art director says "Fix those eyes. Make 'em big and blue!" Then , satisfied that he had justified his salary for another eight hours, he spent the rest of his day finishing his cigar... and his brandy... and sexually harassing his various subordinates... and possibly himself later on.

Anyway, here's a nice closeup of her new face with two giant blue dots of paint. Ready?
Yikes almighty! She's not a woman any more. She's a Stepford wife. She's not looking at us. She's not looking at the art. She's looking at a particularly beloved molecule of air. Dogs and rabbits tend to have vacant stares, but the Tareyton lady makes them look like Nobel laureates.

Anyway, discriminating people prefer Tareyton. Just look at that art she's discriminating about. Let's explore the gallery...

Sunrise over Olympus Mons Pubis - Vernkeek DeWeefe. Oil on canvas, 1945. Sold at Christie's in 1948 for 1.2 hundred dollars.

The Tareytons smoke ME - Trilma Guimpe. Exhaled smoke, charcoal, tar, and phlegm on masonite (mixed media).Unsold. Very much for sale.

The Uvula'd Window - Thome Wilson. Oil and sadness on canvas. Sold at Sotheby's, in 1951 for $200,000 and a bucket of children's tears.

Le T'erde #4 - Margaret Thatcher. Wood. Private collection of Mr. Thatcher's dustbin.

Un Puf Fumee' - Wups! That's not art. That's Mr. Tareyton. Sorry, Mister T!


Craig F. said...

Mr. T looks just like Mr. Peanut.

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