Corn inspection

Joke #1 - Henry and Doris heard Farmer Maggot's hounds barking, getting closer. They'd have to run for it... probably off to some weird land or something to destroy a ring or whatever.

Joke #2 - "Now, you may notice, Doris, that an ear of corn is longer than it is wide. That remind you of anything, heh heh? I said THAT REMIND YOU OF ANYTHING?"

Joke #3 - Doris wanted to leave Henry. He was inattentive, slovenly, and not romantic at all. But when he started talking about corn, she remembered all the reasons she married him so many years ago.

Joke #4 - "Sometimes I like to stroke the leaves like this, just to check the hydration level of the plant. It also stirs certain feelings in me that I could never tell my wife about, heh heh...    Wups."

Joke #5 - "...And remember, Doris, that each stalk of corn reproduces by having sex with itself. That's why baby Jesus hates corn."

Joke #6 - Has been brought to you by the letter Dave and the number Pryor. Thanks Dave! "I've smoked enough of this to make even YOU attractive mister!"

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Sue said...

All I can hear playing is porn music - and when I say porn music I mean "Old MacDonald had a Farm" and the "Andy Griffith Show" theme song. Oh, the sassy folks of the midwest!!

Dave Pryor said...

"I've smoked enough of this to make even YOU attractive mister!"

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