Homelite Chainsaws - Then I saw him.

Sometimes you need a chainsaw. Homelite wanted to be part of your household deforestation policy back in 1952, but those were simpler times, back when we thought trees caused communism and oxygen came from cigars.
Homelite is the "one man chain saw". Hey, wait. What if I need to get rid of more than one body? That sort of makes it financially impractical to go on a killing spree. The police will just count the number of chainsaws in your shed and arrest you for the same number of murders. You'll need a chainsaw to cut up your chainsaws. Fortunately, Husqvarna makes a nine chainsaw chainsaw!

Hm! I didn't know they used chainsaws in choreography. Well, modern dance is full of surprises.

"Well, time to get rid of some evidence."
This happy chainsaw guy isn't a car, but he may be fun to add to an otherwise inappropriate email some time. So, get your rude finger ready to right click him into the basement of your hard drive till you need to alienate a friend. You know the drill. Big and small. Left and right.

As for this, I dunno. Is it wrong to stand in the bright light of inspiration and not act? I say "yes it is".


Bathsheba said...

Why is Mr. Professional woodcutter's hard hat covered with hot dogs? He's a lumberjack he's OK.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

It's part of his costume for the revue he's auditioning for. It's a small role, but it's a start!

Thanks, Bath!


PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

I don't know why Craigf's comment isn't displaying. I got an email notification about it, but nothing here. Weeeeeeeird. Allow me to post Mr. Craigson's comment here for the rest of us to enjoy. Thanks, Craigf! That's some nice desk sawin'!

"I know this because we had a vintage chainsaw in the garage where I used to work:

Chainsaws used to have a handle on the other end -- which we professional woodsmen call "the hurty end" -- that one of your drunk relatives would hold while you were cutting down a redwood at ninethousandymillion rpm.

All that chainsaw is missing to be a two-man saw is the handle on the end. That bar must be 36 inches long.

Here's part-time actor, full-time bad-ass Paul Newman showing the proper use of a saw with a bar that big:"


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