Joke #1 - "...and then we cut back to Anakin, who has most of his limbs burned off. He's crawling towards the camera, and he says 'But from my point of view, you're wrong!' I know that line is absolutely shitty, but we'll replace it with something good before shooting begins."

Joke #2 - ..."and here is where your retirement fund really takes a nosedive. It would have gone off the bottom of the paper, but our printer is a tractor-feed type and the paper goes on and on, so we can track your investments all the way down to the point where YOU owe US money. Pretty cool, huh?"

Joke #3 - "...and then you come in and say 'that copier looks like it's out of toner. Let me help you with that.' Then you go 'I hope the door doesn't blow shut. We may be trapped in here! That's when the sexy music starts in, see?"

Joke #4 - Early prototype testing of the player piano. Later, the piano roll was stored on a spindle instead of being folded. Also, instead of using two old people to hoot out the notes, as many as 88 were implemented, eventually replacing them with wires and hammers. This greatly increased durability and decreased complaining about it being "too cold in here".

Joke #5 - In early 1986, to avoid expensive publishing costs, Bil Keane began showing Family Circus comic strips directly to the only surviving people who still found it interesting.

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Craig F. said...

Early iPad shown with optional printer. (Guy to hold printer paper sold separately.)

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