Kitchen Scenes - What the spoon saw.

Joke #1 - Clark was a like a little boy in some ways. It was part of his charm, and the reason Vivyan loved him so. "Of course I' love you too, dear. Have a good day." Then, she gently blew the chicken off his face, straightened his tie, and sent him off to work.

Joke #2 - "Oh, Clark, this evening has been just perfect. I do enjoy our time together ever so much. There's something I've been wanting to tell you, but I'm having trouble putting my feelings into words. Here. Let me whistle it for you..."

Joke #3 - "Clark, I've been wanting to try a different brand of raisin bran. I know you don't like change, but Kellogg's has two scoops of raisins in every box. Twooooooo scooooooops!"
Joke #4 - Clark and Vivyan had always had a vibrant love life. That was the key to a lasting relationship. First, they had dinner in separate rooms, the sounds of their gustation as thrilling as an erotic touch. Then, they came together in the kitchen for a quick game of "guess what I ate", then off to the bedchamber.

Joke #1 - "I left a pickle and half a hoagie in there after dinner last night. It was too big. I couldn't finish it. You're a vegetarian, Martha. Where is it now? WHERE'S THE HOAGIE???"

Joke #2 - Martha was demure, her face beautiful in the half-shadow of the 40-watt rough-service bulb, filtered through the sunny stained glass of lemon jello. The thermostat clicked on, sensing the rise in temperature inside the refrigerator, with the door ajar. But Walter also felt the fire in his heart, which the solid-state thermo-controls could not diminish. he had to have her, right now... and that New York strip from Tuesday. God, he loved leftover night.

Joke #3 - "You left the refrigerator door open all afternoon? Are you mad, woman? Our guests will be here any minute! I have to replace the milk, dammit! Get me my horse!"


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