Joke #1 - Loaf observation, day 114. No change observed. Man, this experiment was really getting intense.

Joke # 2 - The Over In The Corner bacterial colony had repelled another wave of skirmishers in the night from the Under The Window colony. They had a plan to decimate the Under The Window group once and for all, but they needed help. They had just found the large ally they were looking for. Tonight, there would be much victorious flagella-waving.

Joke #3 - The hairs were oval in cross section, with mineral residue consistent with the untreated water of the older buildings over by the materials lab. Roybert had been right: those jerks from Materials had been using his soap, and there would be hell to pay.

Joke #4 - Harry S. Truman's home-made reading glasses, 1948. Smaller and lighter than his 1947 model.

Joke #5 - "Honey, the apple juice is almost totally absorbed, now. It really is the quicker picker upper! ...Honey, you hear what I said?"

Joke #6 - Well, it looked like an ordinary piece of floor cake. Still, Roybert suspected a trap. This would take some more observation. He sure was hungry, though.

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