1971 Bland Torino?

Nope. Not really, but it rhymes and Ford marketed the Torino as "right in the middle" - the champion of mediocrity. So, they get what they get.
There actually was a fast version of the Torino which everyone now knows as the titular car in the Clint Eastwood movie Gran Torino. It's a nice looking car, and could be had in fast trim. So, no, not bland at all. This ad is from 1971, a year before the Gran Torino came out, but the GT model was around, and it was pretty quick.

The Raquel Welch-looking lady in the top photo looks like she's just walking into the shot. "Oops! I'm not on yet? Okay, I'll go and resume volumizing my hair."

Please enjoy the top two cars in the ad as part of your ever-growing multicar pileup of PNGs. I didn't do the wagon, not because I'm yet another anti-wagonite (I like two box designs), but because the woman and her kid were in the way and I didn't feel like 'shopping them out. Even after they were wiped away, I'd still have to close the tailgate and that'd be pretty tedious and I'm an important man with a media empire to run. I'm not MADE of Photohsop, people!

Anyway, here comes a graphic gift in the form of the red and gold cars. Left and right, big and small. Get your rude fingers ready to right click them onto your drive in three, two, one...

Oh, hey. It's not your imagination. The page is now a little wider. Those people still viewing on an 800x600 monitor need to get with the times, man. Also, they should consider upgrading from a green screen to a color monitor. They don't know what they're missing.

Oh yeah. Also, Phil Are GO! now has a mobile version that is more viewable on your mobile doohickey of choice. Faster loading. Better on small screens, etc etc. No extra steps are necessary. When you look at it in your mobile browser, it should just default to the mobile version. You should see a link at the bottom of the mobile site to go back to the normal version, if that's what you're into. Why aren't you doohickeying with it RIGHT NOW???


Sati said...

+1 for Phil Are Go on the go

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

..and minus at least one for not putting that joke together myself, like "Phil Are (on the) GO!" or something. We always end up where we start, don't we?

Thanks for reading!


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