Sidebar Ads - Can't break them up.

Time's a little short today, but something is better than nothing... usually. This something is a vertical strip of black and white ads from a 1959  issue of LIFE. At first, I thought it was all one large ad, but they're four different ones - for Gum Turpentine, 3 in 1 Oil, Tums, and Carter's Glues. There's some great character art in the  3 in 1 and Carter's ads, and the Turpentine ad has art that could be an engraving, or an ink drawing imitating the look of an engraving. These ads look so good together, they deserve to be posted as a group.

After looking at the 3 in 1 ad, you may want to recall how horrible those kind of skates were. You know the ones: they had metal wheels and clamped onto your shoes. This was fine if you had the stiff leather kind from the forties, but if you had soft rubber sneakers, they threatened to slip off your foot, leaving you with sudden traction on one of your feet at nine miles per hour. Man, eff those things.

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Anonymous said...

The address in the Carter's ad got me curious, so I looked it up - turns out Carter's Ink used to be at 245 First Street in Cambridge. I walk past that building all the time, had no idea of its history. Will slow down and appreciate it next time, thanks PAG! - nonmouse

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