Fixed, until next time.

The Phil Are GO! I.T. and Swearing team has restored the structure, using some kind of crystals and jasmine tea. Cords were unplugged and re-plugged. Made up deities were invoked. Thanks to all nine of you who came to the broken site today. Your names will be written into the scrolls of The Good Ones. To all the rest of you who found something else on the internet to read: I would have done the same thing. In other news, the Pointy Tree Day cards should be arriving at your place of domicility round about now. Why aren't you staring at your mail box right now? Nothing interesting will appear here until tomorrow morning. Commence a-staring! [-Mgmt.]


Fil said...

Ooh! I haven't even checked my mailbox yet... hang on...
It has arrived. And bearing a message of yuletide cheer, no less. Thank you, sir, for the consideration.

Jim Dillon said...

Your card landed in Georgia today. Many thanks! and happy holidays.

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