Tom Thumb - An Exmess surprise.

Joke #1 - Hard-to-find gift for holiday 2011. "Super Out Ken." Comes with dance belt. Super Out Ken Honda Del Sol sold separately.

Joke #2 - "Mom, Santa left one of his weirdo elves behind again. I'll keep smiling at him. You get the swatter."

Joke #3 - Sasha found the wonderful toy drum she had asked for. It was her most wished-for gift, and here it was! She could hardly wait to play it. As she reached for it, her heart a-flutter, out popped a tiny, very festive elf! He bounced on the drum, and it went "boom boom boom!". The little elf seemed very happy with himself, and just wouldn't stop. Sasha became ever so disappointed, and decided that this wasn't worth it any more.

Joke #4 -The Christmas Elf flashmob, like all flashmobs, is fun only for the participants. The observers are just victims of the flashmobbers' self-indulgence. Don't become a statistic.

Joke #5 - "Oh, how delightful! A happy little elf! He's so jumpy! What else does he do? That's it? Oh, how.....delightful."

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