Bell Telephone System - Establishing shot, executive office, early morning.

"Jacobs! Get in here. I need to see the proofs of the new campaign." (To self). "Aw, gosh, do I enjoy being a Bell Telephone PR Department executive, here in the progressive year of 1958. It  fills me with no sense of dread at all that things will ever change. I sure am glad that I'm not tone-deaf to the prevailing winds of impending social upheaval. I can't wait to see the new ad. I'll bet it's a hum dinger."
"Why this layout is so modern! So forward thinking! I really like the openness of the whole shebang. It's just a picture and some copy. Lots of negative space around it. Lets you focus on the image. Good job directing the peons, Jacobs. Nice, clean ad."

"'This is your wife.' Look at her. She's smart, resourceful, and capable. Cook, nurse, chauffeur, other nurse, and glamorous arm candy. She can do it all. And, she has Me Bell to thank for everything she has accomplished! Jacobs, I think we've outdone ourselves this time. Cigar?"

"You know what, Jacobs? I think we're looking pretty good after this one. The bigwigs wanted us to modernize the corporate image and embrace the whole postwar family ideal. Look what we gave 'em. We're good, Jacobs. Damn good. I think we're going to be riding this wave for a long long time. We're gonna sell a lot of phones, kid. Stick with me. It's gonna be a hell of a ride."

*Beeeep*. "Looks like I gotta take this call, kid. Better scram while I do my thing. Great job. See you at the links."

"Hello? Bell PR Executive here. How can I help you, Miss Friedan? An article, huh? Cosmo? My wife loves that magazine! Sure, I got a few minutes for some questions. Let me put my feet up here. Go ahead. Shoot."


Anonymous said...

Somehow they missed wifely role "number six", if-you-know-what-I-mean-and-I-think-you-do...

But of course, nobody wants to answer a ringing telephone in THAT situation.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

I know what you mean, but hopefully the phone isn't needed for role six.

Also a great band: Role Six. They played two gigs and broke up over artistic differences. I totally made that up.

Thanks for reading!


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