'59 Chryslers - Lend us a fin.

By 1959, America was starting to get over the national juvenile obsession with cars that had kooky tail fins. I know people love them, but to me they're as childish as a horsey head built into the driver's seat, you know: so you can pretend you're a cowboy. A car is not a horse, and a car is not a frikkin airplane. Despite the romper room styling, they're still long and low.
Not to say I'd like to have one. Instead of one of these giant tunas, given my choice of any land yacht in history, I'd go with a '62 Lincoln Continental and a free line of credit at my local mechanic... not that you asked, but there it is.

Pretty ad. Typically gorgeous paintings for a car ad of this era. Buyers of these convertibles had the option of getting them with Chrysler's "Swivel Seats", which could swivel towards the doors, making it easier to get in and out. Sooooper cool, though I do wonder if Swivel Seats made safety a problem. Here's a FaceTube video showing them in action. Scroll to 1:35 to see that part, although it may be worth your time to watch the beginning, to hear how much Lawrence Welk sounded like a Lawrence Welk impersonator.

There aren't any jokes to be made about this ad. It's just pertty. So, I... hey, look at that! Ther're dropping off little Miriam at a convent! I hope they told her what's up, and didn't just tell her they're going out for ice cream.

Also, apparently, one of the '59 Chryslers was available as a hybrid model. That's some forward thinking! Twelve miles per cardigan.


Steve Miller said...

Yeah, people sure were smaller in those good old days. Lil' Billy and Miriam had simply acres of back seat to swim around in... Wonder if he got even more lonely after they dropped her at the convent?

Steve Miller said...

BTW, half of the captcha on that last was "ymensuc". Ha, ha, ha.

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