Trade School Sonnets - HOD60 Precision Machine vise

HOD60 Precision Machine Vise, I know your heart
and my sight is clear.

Though your grip is legend
your heart is like unto breaking.
For, though your love is that
which moves you to hold
with fierce might,
there needs be tenderness,
or you may lose she who you most cherish.
Though your jaws are flame-hardened,
did that flame warm your soul
so you may treasure without hurt,
embrace without anguish?
Dear HOD60 Precision Machine Vise,
my heart knows your heart,
which is shaken by fear
of losing.
Fear not, handsome vise!
In the gentleness of a tender embrace
do you fix her heart to yours.
And that is the mystery of might.
So, turn your handle,
which is indexed for parts.0001 inch or less.
Turn your handle and loose
your clamping surface.
For in that tender snare
can she ne'er flee.
She will be yours.

You are available with a swivel base. Add $45.


Steve Miller said...

That would look real sweet on your Bridgeport milling machine!

Anonymous said...

What a surprise to see a Sonnet dedicated to my Great Uncle on my Mother's side!! Uncle "Ho" we called him. A stout fellow, always kept a low profile, as I remember.

He would hold us ingots snuggly as he regaled us with feats of great industrial engineering, and we we fall fast asleep and dream of the day we would be forged into such worthy tools!!

Thank you for posting P.A.G.! My Mother, a 10" V-Notch Robogrip (Mrs.), will be delighted to see this!

Your friend, Clampy Vise Grip Jr.

Fil said...

To Mr. Grip Jr. (above):
I dated a 10" V-notch when I lived up there in Kenosha. (...Of course, she was just an I-notch at the time, dontcha know.)
Is your maather of the Racine Robogrips, up there in Wiscaanson?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

I applaud Fil's performance of Wisconsin typing. The world is richer for your exchange, gentlemen.


Fil said...

Dooooontcha knowww.

Anonymous said...

That Sonnet is quite reminicent of the poem "Oh Freddled Gruntbuggly" by Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz.

And who didn't date one of da Raacine Robogrip girls, ya hey? Were you the one that gave her that case of the crimps? Shaame on you fil.

Anonymous 2

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