Bufferin - Won't upset your stomach. May upset eyebrows.

Here's a great black & white ad for Bufferin featuring a beautiful painting of furrowed eyebrows. Clients ask you to paint smiling children or sunsets all day long, but it's not every day you get to render a set of tortured eyebrows!
They easily could have gone with a photo of these eyebrows. Why the extra cost of having them painted? I have no idea. The art was obviously very heavily photo-referenced, so somebody arranged a little photo shoot prior to the painting. Really nice work, though.

Painting something pretty and nice is not so fun. All concerns come second to the "prettiness" of the piece. Painting these eyebrows would be a nice change of pace. They're meant to look unpleasant. If I were the artist, I'd have jumped at the opportunity to do an oddball job like this.

These eyebrows do a good job of conveying the pain of a headache. However, if I actually had a headache, this is the last thing I would ever do with my face. A maneuver like this is likely to make a headache worse. Hell, it may even GIVE you a headache just trying to do it. The guy in the picture might not need the medicine if he'd just stop making that face. I have no idea if Bufferin works. My family was always a Tylenol family.

Anyway, this picture may be fun to paste into an email to help your reader feel your bafflement or confusion. So, feel free to save yourself a copy of the cropped version at the foot of this post for just such an occasion. It may even save you from having to type any text at all some time. You're welcome.

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Anonymous said...

His expression seems more the skeptical kind rather than pained. As in: "A headache? Again?! Is it me or do you always have them on days when the gardener was here?"

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