Married Love - The smutty secrets of sexy happiness.

In 1938, there were few places that a young bride could turn to for advice about the dirty parts of marriage. Women were still expected to be virgins at the time of matrimony, leaving them with little in the way of practical experience when the time came to get it on. Dr. Marie Stopes to the rescue!

Married Love, it turns out, was the real deal, and is still available from Amazon. Interestingly, Amazon describes the book as advocating "equality in marriage", despite the ad copy which implies that women are to blame when their husbands are "driven" to prostitutes.

There's some excellent "delicate language" in here. "Union" is a favorite when the ad seems to be reluctant to say "sex" again. The S word only appears twice in the whole ad, one of which is right in the title bar. Was there a limit on the number of times they could print "sex" in one ad?

The pen and ink drawing of Federal Judge John M. Woolsey is pretty funny. His hands are tiny! He looks like that hand puppet of the boxing nun.

Judge Woolsey was a real guy, and the controversy over Married Love is mentioned in his Wikipedia page! He died in 1945, so this ad ran seven years before his time was up. That's strange - in the drawing, he seems to have a baby's face... with the scalp and hair of Alan Hale.

The photo of the bride and inattentive groom (possibly thinking about being driven to prostitutes) is pretty great. Have a look at the groom's chin. That's some cleft! His chin looks like a butt. The bride can't take her eyes off of it. Kind of makes you winder what they'll get up to when it's time for "union". Maybe that's why she married him? What woman wouldn't want a man with two asses? For that matter, what woman WOULD want that? I have no idea. I just work here. How about I crop the picture for you and post it for your rude finger to save on your HDD of choice? You decide about the groom's butts for yourself. You're welcome.

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Anonymous said...

I used to drive my husband to prostitutes. Thank god he finally had his drivers license reinstated and I can stay home and chart the periodicity of my natural desire in peace while he drives himself.

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