No Post Day, sorry for the lack of convenience. Also pizza.

Sorry, everyone. No post today. We're having the offices here at GO! Tower de-updated with some new avocado Formica, orange shag and Masonite paneling. If anyone knows where we can get a hold of a few IBM Selectrics with USB 3.0 ports (Hey, we're not total savages!) please let us know post haste.

In the mean time, please enjoy this painting of pizza I did. It, along with the breakfast painting are from my widely reviled series entitled "the hungry eye". Please enjoy.



Anónimo latino. said...

Meatball at the down side looks like poo...

Anonymous said...

AaaAWwwww!!!nO p.A.G. pOSt AgAIN?!? thIs mAKe hULk upSEt 2 tImeS nOw. bUt AlsO mAKe hUlK hUNGrY. HuLK NoT mINd pIZza wITh muSHRoOm aNd pOOp.

alsO - HuLk wOndEr iF pHiL reNdER pIZZa iN PhoTOshOp?

hUlK gO EaT nOw.

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